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  • Welcome to Cobow Machinery Co., Ltd.!

    About cobowmac

    Cobow Machinery Co., Ltd. (short for Cobowmac) was established in October 2014. It is located in northern suburb of Nantong City, adjacent to S225 provincial road and G15 national expressway, with a superior geographical location. Cobowmac is committed to becoming an international supplier of high-end equipment structural parts, providing solutions for engineering machinery,mining machinery,port machinery,material handling equipment, automatic manufacturing lines,environmental protection equipment and other industries. Cobowmac has a complete set of processing equipment, covering laser cutting, plasma cutting, bending, drilling, welding, CNC,sandblasting ,painting, electrical installation and other processes. As of the end of 2020, Cobowmac has achieved registered capital of 30 million yuan, total fixed assets of 90 million yuan.

    Business area
    • Green facilities / Engineering service

      Green facilities / Engineering service

      We introduce German advanced technology to produce various types of filter presses (diaphragm / plate frame / van) other supporting sludge treatment devices.

      We manufacture various non-standard environmental protection equipment for well-known environmental protection companies environmental consulting companies at home abroad.

      At the same time, we can rely on the advantages of industry-university-research cooperation of well-known domestic research institutions such as Nanjing University Tongji University, we can provide one-stop environmental governance solutions.

    • Steel structure

      Steel structure

    • "Ingenuity" intelligent equipment assembly line development manufacturing

    • Design  manufacture of non-standard containers / electrical cabinets / power houses / energy storage cabinets

      Design manufacture of non-standard containers / electrical cabinets / power houses / energy storage cabinets

    • "Welding expert" precision structural parts sheet metal parts manufacturing


    Tel: 0086-513 84398666

    Fax: 0086-513 84398666

    Email: info@cobowmac.com

    Address: Tangyuan Street, Xindian Town, Rudong County, Jiangsu Province,P.R.China.226432